What Are The Benefits Of Centrifugal Air Compressors in Nagpur?

When you are choosing an air compressor, you should make sure to pick that compressor which is powerful enough to meet the demands of your business. You should take into consideration an air compressor’s pressure and airflow when comparing compressors. Sakan Trade Links offers quality Air Compressors in Nagpur .

Types Of Air Compressors

Sakan Trade Links offers 3 types of Air compressors in Nagpur namely, piston, screw and centrifugal air compressor. Screw and piston air compressors are positive displacement machines. Piston compressors uses a piston within a cylinder that increases the pressure of air by reducing volume. Screw air compressors makes use of intermeshing screws which force air into smaller space. Unlike piston and screw, a centrifugal air compressor is a dynamic system. A dynamic air compressor uses impellers, rotating discs to increase the air pressure. It also uses a diffuser that converts velocity energy into pressure energy. It has an advantage of being oil-free air compressor.

To bring the pressurization of air up to the desired level, progressive stages are used. These are driven by steam or gas turbine or by an electric motor. The compressed air stays cooler because it gets compressed in stages. In terms of the energy being used and also mechanically, the air compressor is more efficient.

Usually, the centrifugal air compressors operate at a high minimum speed. They are capable of running consistently for loner periods of time. They are often used in automobiles, manufacturing plants, in oil, gas and refinery industry. They can handle large flow rates and they are the most consistent and efficient air compressors available.They are often very compact as well.

Great Fit For Industrial Applications

Centrifugal air compressors in Nagpur produce a constant flow of high pressurized air in order meet high demands and hence they are a great fit for industrial settings. These air compressors due to the presence of impeller system, are able to provide continuous air flow. The other advantages of centrifugal air compressors include oil free compressed air, it has few wearing parts hence it requires very low maintenance. These are very compact systems.

It’s simple design is another benefit. It has the ability to generate oil-free air for applications such as the beverage and food industry. There are so many benefits of using centrifugal air compressors. Sakan Trade Links offers great air compressors in Nagpur for extreme applications manufactured by Kobelco .