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Heavy Duty Scale

Mettler Toledo offers Heavy Duty Weighing Scales that come with following benefits: • Heavy Duty weighing performance range from 1ton – 200tons • Portable solution – Saves on costly industrial Space. • Allows occasional Impacts – Rugged Performance. • Repeatable & Accurate weighing results.


Rail Scale

A static railroad track scale is used to weigh an uncoupled rail car that is stopped on the scale. Mettler Toledo Rail Scales have robust design for Railway Wagon weighing and offer the following benefits: • Faster Weighing • Higher Accuracy • Ease of Integration with DCS, PLC – Speedier Process Control


Axle Scale

For more than 20 years, METTLER TOLEDO, the world’s largest manufacturer of weighing systems, has offered solutions for commercial vehicle weight enforcement and screening, data collection for transportation planning, industrial applications, and more. We offer the following Weigh In Motion solutions: • Roads, Highway Solution for Toll Plaza – Slow Speed Weighing • Facilitates Data … Continue reading Axle Scale


Manless Truck Scale Solutions

Maximizing your operational performance requires a weighing system that provides you with accurate, reliable, and easy to understand information from your vehicle scale. Mettler Toledo offers the following benefits with its Manless Truck Scale: • Productivity & Profitability Enhancement • Integrated Weighing Data for Invoicing & analysis. • 24x7x365 Operations • Elimination/ Minimization of Manpower … Continue reading Manless Truck Scale Solutions