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Centerlign Weighmodule

Centerlign weigh modules enable you to convert conveyors, mixers and other dynamic loading systems into weighing scales. The rocker pin function enables self restoring and delivers best in class system accuracy.


Ultramount weighmodule

Ultramount weigh modules enable you to convert a light-capacity tank or other structure into a scale. It provides accurate and repeatable weighing for static applications (such as tanks, hoppers, vessels and blenders) and for dynamic applications (such as conveyors, processing vessels).


Pinmount Weighmodule

Pinmount weighmodules is most suitable for both static and dynamic loading applications with high level of safety and ease of installation. Unique rocker pin loadcell provides best in class accuracy of system.


Gage Mount Weigh Modules

GageMount weigh modules let you add weighing capabilities to your process by converting a tank or other structure into a scale. They are designed for heavy-capacity applications such as tanks, hoppers, blenders, and other vessels used to fill, batch, or mix ingredients. Regardless of the application, these easy-to-install weigh modules can deliver accurate and repeatable … Continue reading Gage Mount Weigh Modules