Crane scale


Mettler Toledo offers highly reliable, consistently accurate, safe and user-friendly crane scales for standard and heat-proof applications in various industries like steel mills, ports, steel trade markets and many more…

Mettler Toledo crane scales have two variants, that is, crane scale with weight indicator integrated with the crane scale body and the crane scale with wireless weight indicator.

Mettler Toledo’s wireless crane scale has the following benefits:

• Excellent for Heat-proof applications, as the user can easily monitor the weighing operations with the help of wireless weight indicator and can avoid operational risk
by maintaining safe distance from the heat application area.

• The wireless crane scale weight indicator has two types: Desk-mounted or Hand-held. The hand-held weight indicator can be carried by the user to monitor the weighing operations and does not have to restrict his own movement.

• The user can also have the choice of connecting two weight indicators to the same crane scale body, which offers the user, more flexibility and convenience to monitor the weighing operations.

• The wireless crane scale has excellent capabilities for weighing operation data management.