pipettes in Nagpur – Some Tips For Ergonomic Pipette

When buying a car, you would not go for the one that does not give you appropriate headroom. While walking, you would not wear shoes that are not comfortable and gives blisters. Similarly, while working in laboratories with pipettes, safety factors must be considered. The various features of pipettes in Nagpur influence ease of use and comfort. This article concentrates on the ergonomic aspects of pipette use and it’s design.

Ergonomic Design Of Pipettes in Nagpur

During the design and manufacturing of Pipettes in Nagpur, the consideration of ergonomics ensures comfortable, safe and efficient pipettes. For the repetitive usage of pipettes, accuracy and reliability are essential. The design of a product must take into consideration the tasks users perform, their working environment and the type of equipment they use. A pipette’s design must allow a neutral position of the user’s hand and wrist. It should minimize the contact stresses that are incurring to the hand and for operating the pipette, it should not require excessive amount of force.

The following are the must have characteristics of a good pipette. It should be comfortable to hold with a good grip. It should not have sharp edges or ridges and should be light in weight. It should be suitable for left or right handed use. It should have easy tip ejection and fitting.

Proper Working Posture

  • When working with pipettes, it is essential to place minimum strain on tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc.
  • While sitting or standing, proper working height is essential because wrong height puts extra pressure on the upper limbs. If the height is low, there are chances that the person will hunch over, putting strain on his neck and back. With excessive working height, the person would be working with his arms and shoulders in a raised position leading to excessive strain on his muscles.
  • The wrist should be relaxed, not flexed, rotated or extended. The shape of the pipette affects the posture of the wrist.
  • With a properly designed pipette, the thumb is not required to apply significant force.
  • The different devices kept on the work surface should be so positioned that they allow a good working posture. The height and position of sample holders, solution containers and other equipments should minimize the need for bending, twisting or awkward stretching.
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