Ways To Stop Pipetting Errors That May Ruin Your Experiments

Accurate pipetting is crucial if you work at the bench. Your experiments, without accurate pipetting would not be reproducible. Your stock solutions will be inaccurate and your assays will have such large errors that it will be meaningless to compare them. But fortunately, you don’t need to worry as your trusty, the precision pipettes in India will take care of that for you.

Take Care Of Your Pipettes In India

Your pipette service must include re-calibration, replacement of any worn out parts and greasing of the moving parts.

  • For any obvious damage, examine the nose of the barrel. If there arrives any problem, get it serviced because it is unlikely to be fit for the job.
  • Wipe your pipette with some 70% ethanol each day before use.
  • Using a pipette holder, store your pipette vertically because this way prevents any liquid that is in the pipette barrel from getting further inside causing corrosion.
  • Do not put the pipette on it’s side having liquid in the tip because there is nothing preventing the liquid from rolling down into the pipette barrel.
  • Poorly fitting tips allow the air to escape when dispensing and drawing up the liquid, leading to inaccurate results. Hence, use well fitting tips.

Practice Good Pipetting Technique

  • Pipette with a slow and smooth action
  • When drawing the liquid in, hold the pipette vertically
  • Hold the pipette vertically while dispensing the liquid, keeping the sidewall of the receiving vessel at 45 degrees.
  • When drawing the liquid in, only immerse the tip slightly otherwise the outside of the tip will also get coated with liquid which then will be transferred along with the volume inside the pipette.
  • Know The Tricks That Increases Accuracy

  • To help increase your accuracy, you need to pre-wet the pipette tip.
  • While pipetting volatile solvents and viscous liquids, use reverse pipetting techniques.
  • Take the ambient temperature into account because if you are working at a different temperature, then your pipette will not dispense the displayed volumes.
  • As the dispensed volume approaches the minimum a pipette can handle, the accuracy of your pipette decreases. Therefore, you need to choose a sensible pipette for the volume you want to dispense.
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