Truck Scale With Steel Platform

Truck Weighing is an integral component of a company’s profit stream.
Operations that weigh 10 trucks per day or 100 trucks per day: both need most accurate and reliable truck scales to ensure that they are not losing profits due to weight variation. Mettler Toledo’s truck scale with Modular steel platform offers following benefits:truck-scale-with-steel-platform-250x250

• Accurate weighing regardless of the location or direction of the truck on the scale.

• Retention of accurate weighing calibration parameters throughout the one-year legal metrology stamping period, prevents loss of revenue and gives complete peace of mind to the user with respect to the surprise tests of Legal Metrology Department.

• Design tested for 1 million weighing cycles, which ensures safe capital investment for more than15 years of weighbridge usage.

• Modular steel platform is easy to transport, install, shift and flexible for expansion in the future.