Conditions Required When Buying Weighbridge In India

Weighbridges are useful for weighing the loads carried by trucks. A weighbridge is also called as a truck scale. They are large floor weighing systems that easily weighs the trucks loaded with material. The vehicle carrying load or without the load can be weighed using weighbridge. Weighbridges are mainly used for ‘charging by weight’ as the vehicle travels over a bridge. They are also used to check the axle weight and gross vehicle weight.

It finds it’s applications in industries to find out the weight which is being carried or transported to and from different places. The axle weight of the vehicle and the gross vehicle weight are checked by single axle weighbridge. This lets you know whether the vehicle is safe or not to travel on public highways. Overloaded vehicles always possess the risk of being stopped by the traffic authorities along with being fined penalty charges. The weighbridge in India gives the total vehicle weight, the individual axle limit and the maximum weight within the axle span limit.

Consider Some Important Factors

When buying weighbridges, you should buy those scales that gives utility value for both the driver and the operator. While purchasing a weighbridge, you need to take certain conditions into account. You need to know the proposed traffic pattern in the area. You need to know about the available area for the scale and the traffic flow in that area. You need to know whether the weighbridge is to be used regularly or occasionally, for short term purpose or long term purpose. Determine whether the available surface is paved or unpaved. Determine the power requirements in that area. You should always have knowledge about the frequency and intensity of lightning in that area. What else you need to know is the weather of that area and the other related problems.

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