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MiniCat FLP Terminal

The Minicat flame Proof Terminal is specially designed for safe and accurate weighing in Hazardous Areas Zone I & II. The terminal is a perfect choice if you operate in harsh, corrosive and hazardous environments with high concentrations of explosive gas or dust mixtures. It combines latest PCB and advanced safety features to offer compliance … Continue reading MiniCat FLP Terminal


N Line Floor Scales

N Line floor scales combine exceptional accuracy with durability to stand up to tough industrial environments. All scale components are made to last, with critical tolerances built in at the factory. Because components do not become loose or out of specification, N Line floor scales maintain their weighing accuracy and repeatability even after years of … Continue reading N Line Floor Scales


DU Line Platform Scale

Ultra Low Profie Platform for Heavy duty use Hygienic Design Short approach ramp due to low profile design Lifting arrangmenet for efficient cleaning Stainless Steel Load plate for protection in Corrosive Environment Consistent & Repeatabale Performance


Besco Platform

Ideal for Wet & Harsh Environments in Meat & Seafood Industry, Chemical Industry and more Complete Stainless Steel Analog Platform Hygienic Design for Efficient Cleaning Efficient Design for Overload Protection Complete Wash down Platform